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Future Leaders Asia partners with MNCs to deliver sustainable growth and leadership development. We support Asian talents to grow and perform as a Global leader who can play critical role across region in MNCs. We provide value to our customers by offering the world class solutions of Organization Consulting, Leadership coaching and Global mindset development.

Our Team
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Paul Yeon, Representative Consultant

With more than 30 years of experience as a senior leadership in Human Resources, Paul Yeon spent 15 years as a HR executive in APAC and global, highly engaged with business and HR operations across the region.

Paul is a strategic business partner who builds up performing organizations and leadership team across APAC and global. Paul helps organizations develop and deploy Asian talents who can play as global leadership roles in Multinational Companies (MNCs). Paul designs solutions for Win-Win labor relations and Organization effectiveness. Paul has profound experience and understanding of diverse culture through his career exposure to Asian, European, and the U.S. MNCs, as well as his individual interests in world history and appreciation of cultural diversity.

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